North East Angel Fund

Investment for Entrepreneurs

The North East Angel Fund is a specialist early-stage seed fund for small businesses†in the North East of England.

With†£9 million capital it is one of a suite of funds established by†North East Finance and forms part of the†£142m Finance for Business funds in the region.

The main NE Angel Fund will typically invest between £50,000 and £150,000 in any one funding round. It can invest initially on its own but seeks to involve private investors whenever appropriate.

An average funding round could be £300,000 where the Angel Fund invests £100,000 alongside business angel and or other venture capital institutions.

We have now invested £8.5m of the capital into 61 businesses and completed, in cluding follow-ons over 100 deals.

The Fund also made smaller initial investments to pump-prime new-start and spin-out type business propositions where it sees the potential to help them on to further finance.

The Fund operates as a normal venture capital fund, with investment terms to match. Of course if you want a small business loan try the NE Micro Loan Fund that we also manage making loans from £1,000 up to £25,000

For more details contact us at:

Tel: 0191 230 6370 or 01642 903 902